Collaborative dilemmas


Policymaking and implementation across state institutions, international organisations and transnational networks of civil-society organisations are expanding fields of anthropological research. The complex positionalities that anthropologists adopt in these ethnographic contexts and their implications in epistemological, methodological and ethical terms are emerging as central issues in these fields.
This workshop explores different and often controversial forms of anthropological engagement with global policy worlds and the dilemmas that collaboration entails against the background of a dominant neoliberal research agenda.
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At the UNESCO feast: Foodways across global heritage governance

Photo: Chiara Bortolotto

Session organized by Chiara Bortolotto (EHESS/IIAC) and Benedetta Ubertazzi (University di Milano Bicocca) at the third Congress of the Association for Critical heritage Studies, Montreal, Canada, 6-10 June 2016.

With sustainable development gaining momentum as a priority of UNESCO heritage policies, an increasing number of food-related nominations are being submitted for inscription on the lists of the Convention for the safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage. The Mediterranean diet, traditional Mexican cuisine and the Japanese dietary culture of washoku are just some examples of this booming phenomenon.
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