International Journal of Cultural Property

Volume 25 – Issue 4 – November 2018

Editorial: Foodways as Intangible Cultural Heritage

Chiara Bortolotto, Benedetta Ubertazzi 

Mapping the Potential Interactions between UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Regime and World Trade Law

Tomer Broude

Food As a Collective Heritage Brand in the Era of Globalization

Julia Csergo  

Food as Heritage and Multi-Level International Legal Governance

Lucas Lixinski

Japan’s Washoku as Intangible Heritage: The Role of National Food Traditions in UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage Scheme

Voltaire Cang

Safeguarding the Art of Pizza Making: Parallel Use of the Traditional Specialities GuaranteedScheme and the UNESCO Intangible Heritage Convention

Harriet Deacon 

Select How to Protect Traditional Food and Foodways Effectively in Terms of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Intellectual Property Laws in the Republic of Korea

Gyooho Lee 

From the Mediterranean Diet to the Diaita: The Epistemic Making of a Food Label

Antonio José Marques da Silva

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